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Cheers to 5 Years

We started MY Tech Clinic 5 years ago sitting in Rise Up Coffee Shop wondering how we can address the digital divide in Talbot County. We are overjoyed to grow our community and ecstatic and enthusiastic about all of you wanting to grow in the ever-growing digital world. We understand the challenges of trying something new. We are no strangers to it ourselves. This is a note of encouragement for everyone who is attempting to try and learn something new. We say, go for it! If we did not try something new, MY Tech Clinic would have never been created. By unlocking our potential, we hope that we can unlock yours too because your desire to learn is both yours and our superpower! We are not finished with our goal, but we are encouraged by how far we have come in these 5 years. It has been a learning process. We are constantly "trying and testing" new ways to improve and reach the community, and will continue to do so.

It is all about reinventing yourself while keeping your core values intact. As the last month of 2022 is upon us, we have a lot of thoughts and sentiments. We have met new partners and new friends in the past year, and we are growing our volunteer community as well. There is a lot more we would like to offer and here is to 5 more years and longer! 

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