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MY Tech Clinic was an idea developed sitting in a coffee shop in Easton, Maryland. The goal was to find a way to bridge the technology gap in the Eastern Shore of Maryland by providing technical assistance. The idea is to provide a “clinic” style set-up where individuals are free to ask us questions related to their devices and technology services. We were able to achieve this set-up at the Talbot County Free Library. MY is a combination of our first name initials, which also adds a personal touch to the service we provide. We believe in empowering others to gain technical knowledge to further engage in a continually growing digital world. Through holding face-to-face and virtual technology clinics, MY Tech Clinic has helped many folks with their technical questions and concerns. It is our way of wanting to give back to the community, but in the process, it has also helped us grow more as individuals. MY Tech Clinic is a labor of love, where we hope to continually decrease the digital divide, one session at a time.

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