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2023 Reflections

As we open the first chapter of 2024, we are now reflecting on the year of 2023 that just closed, what is MY Tech Clinic truly about? In its core, we have goals to bridge the digital divide, within our own Talbot County, but also all the communities that we have ties to in this world. The digital divide stems from a lack of access. There is a huge lack of access to technology, but after one acquires that access, there is lack of knowledge in the use of the technology. These are two incredibly large gaps that are systemically quite difficult to bridge. But we must start somewhere.


In 2023, we had two major goals in mind – to recruit more volunteers and to officially register as a non-profit organization. With more people utilizing the services of MY Tech Clinic, we have had to create a new entity and system that will allow us to grow. In collaboration with Easton High School – we found more ways to bridge the digital divide. Our volunteers have truly been a blessing and the stepping stone into officially formulating Apollo’s Dream Foundation Inc., this year. Becoming a 501(c)(3) organization has been one of the greatest highlights of our journey so far. 

Observing our high school volunteers’ interaction with our patrons is a great inspiration to our true purpose. Thus far, our services are mostly utilized by generations that did not grow up with technology. And there is no better way to bridge the gap than to have volunteers who have had it their whole lives. Our patrons would provide context and even life stories behind their technology questions. And the way they use technology and their need for technology is quite interesting and different. Our volunteers then share their technology knowhow, tips and tricks. If there is any downtime, you see these different generations begin to share stories with each other. 

Through this exchange, our volunteers gain new knowledge about technology needs and learn more about life experiences, while our patrons learn more about technology, and get a glimpse into a high school student’s life these days. 

So, what are we truly about then? It’s about enhancing human connection through and because of technology. In an increasingly digital world, our greatest resource is still human connection. In a world where Artificial Intelligence can seem to make anything look and sound more perfect, we cherish the authenticity when we are touched by another human being’s life and wisdom. Human connections spark more ideas, goals and dreams. There are goals we are still yet to tap into, and there are still dreams that individuals have not even discovered that they have yet.

We cannot wait to see what is in store for 2024.

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