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New Volunteers Joined MY Tech Clinic from Easton High School

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

In the beginning of the Lunar Year of the Rabbit, our clinic hit our first milestone of the year! Recently several Easton High School students joined us as volunteers and they already made a huge difference in our Jan. clinic. Because of them, we were able to streamline the intake process and spend more time with each attendee. Our volunteers not only answered technical questions, some of them also helped a small business owner set up a new Facebook page and an Instagram account! Their expertise, patience and enthusiasm is second to none. Each volunteer has shared their experience about the January clinic at the Talbot County Free Library in Easton. Together, we will make a even bigger impact in our community.

Van Tran: I volunteered with MY Tech for the first time at the 1/14 tech clinic and it was a great experience! I was able to help this kind woman set up her Facebook and Instagram accounts for her small business. We went through how to post Instagram stories and posts, how to access her passwords, and finally how to link her accounts and promote her small business. It was a very busy clinic but I can’t wait to do it again and help even more people!

Mia Mazzeo: I had a great time at the My Tech clinic! It was enjoyable to help those in our community better their digital literacy as well as spend time with my fellow volunteers. I mainly spent time taking notes on the whole event involving the issues people were dealing with, the questions they had, and the specifics of how to help. I also got to assist people with their technological troubles! Specifically, I helped a woman set up a face ID on her phone and another woman set up a Facebook business page. Overall, it was great to get experience working with the others and learn more about tech in general! I’m excited for the February clinic in the coming weeks!

Kirn Khan: I did intake at the January 14th clinic! I had a great time meeting and conversing with all the attendees. It was a great experience; I will most definitely be helping out at future clinics and events. We can all learn so much from each other, tech-related or not. Volunteering with MY Tech has been an amazing opportunity, and I am very excited about where MY Tech will go in the future!

Alondra Moreno-Santana: I believe that the clinic was very successful! The people who came in were extremely kind, and all of the volunteers were patient and understanding. Some of my clients expressed how much it meant for them to have a clinic like this available for free for the public, and how our help was so useful to their understanding of technology. Many told us volunteers how amazing it felt for them to finally be able to connect to their family and friends in the way that they wanted to. I am so grateful to be helping people like them in my community, and hope to meet new people in the next clinic!

Adam Rinehart: May’s tech clinic was very successful! Each client seemed satisfied with our help. I helped two people- a man who needed to differentiate Windows updates and make his laptop more accessible, and a woman that had trouble deleting apps and forwarding/downloading files on her phone. Each person thanked us and seemed very thankful for this organization. After it ended when I was walking in town, a lady that came in earlier told me how grateful they are for this group and how much we help! I’m looking forward to helping any way I can in the upcoming months!

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